Where Did My Metabolism Go?

What do spending four days in Oklahoma and losing weight have in common? Absolutely nothing! Well, it’s not like a counted my calories during the trip or stayed away from family night at Braum’s ice cream shop, but I did at least try to eat healthy during most of the visit.  Which, as it turns out, only netted me a couple of pounds instead of four or five.

So how can a few days of what I would call “normal” eating pack on the pounds when it takes so long to shave them off? Back at home yesterday, I jumped on the Calorie Count site and tracked my food the entire day and managed to stay within my 1,200 calorie limit, added some good ol’ gardening and a couple hours of shopping and still only managed to lose .2 pounds. At that rate, it will take me ten days to say so long to the two pounds that followed me home, and that’s if I don’t have a misstep.

So just where did my metabolism go? If you happen to see it lurking around anywhere, could somebody please return it? I knew I should have microchipped that darn thing. . .