To Make a Mama’s Heart Melt

Earlier this week I discovered that my iPhone would randomly make little memory movies using groups of photos stored on my device. Okay, so it was a news flash for me, but apparently no one else in this big ol’ world. When I realized my phone had completely taken over creative license of my life, I decided to send my husband a fun little video of his birthday celebration. Unfortunately the file size was too large to send, so I decided to create a You Tube page and upload it there for his viewing pleasure. What I didn’t realize was that apparently four years ago, I created a personal You Tube page for just this very purpose — I am so smart; I just forgot.

Much to my surprise, I found several short videos of our then two-year-old son doing just the cutest little things ever. I thought this discovery was so cool, but one video in particular absolutely made my heart melt. I have watched it over and over and think my chest might burst every single time I see it; and necessarily so,  I have accosted at least one of my friends each day, forcing them to eww and ahh at the cutest kid in the world.

So in an effort to save my friends from being force feed kid videos, I decided to post my memory here today and will just assume that each and every one of you will naturally take a look (you might want to grab a tissue). Oh, and by the way those are balloon shaped candles from my birthday cake he is holding. This guy has always loved a good birthday party!



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