This Tortoise Lives with a Hare


So most of you probably know the old story of The Tortoise and the Hare, where the tortoise wins a race by keeping his pace slow and steady while the hare is out having a good time, taking naps and visiting with friends. This means the tortoise probably packed his lunch of celery, water and flax seed for the road and never stopped to indulge on “brunch with the girls” or “mom’s night out.” Now I ask you, what seems like more fun? After all, didn’t the hare still finished the race even if he wasn’t first. I’m sure I would be okay with that.

Okay, so I realize that the brunches and treats are probably what signed me up for this “race” to begin with, but short of surgery and magic pills, I wish there was an easier or more exciting way to quickly lose lots of weight. I’ve often heard weight loss compared to the little lesson-toting work of fiction mentioned above, but it doesn’t make it any easier when you happen to be living with a hare. My husband has been dieting for just over a week and has lost 10 pounds. Seriously?? Men lipo-suck!

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