Snow Day, Snow Night

Yesterday was the first snow day of the season, so along with completely nixing my regularly scheduled plans, I was able to spend the entire day at home with my son, get the fall decorations shuffled into storage and catch several birds flocking to our feeders. I love to see the deep red cardinals against a beautiful new snow.


After our son’s very first preschool Christmas program, it was time for some evening fun building snowmen and making snow angels in the front yard. The snow wasn’t so deep, but it sure was sticky. Of course I was in charge of locating a face for our snowman and found myself without a carrot to my name, so I improvised and used a cheddar cheese stick instead. Hey, it was orange. The eyes were two little Halloween lollipop rejects, one red and one blue (how very exotic). A simple little striped candy cane served as a pipe. With the addition of stick arms, a black cap and red scarf, our unique snowman was complete. . . and then took a header sometime during the night.

snowday4 snowday3

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