Skipping Sparks


So I have to confess, I didn’t make it to Sparks this weekend. After all the summer vacationing, I was feeling a bit behind and decided to better use my time to finish a few projects (and have a little fun) before fall set in. So I pulled up my big girl britches, vowed to catch Sparks in the Spring and made some real headway around the house. Here’s just  some of what I accomplished:

  1. Purchase supplies for my son’s preschool classroom.
  2. Install an in-cabinet pullout for my pots and pans. (I’ll tell you all about this one in a later post.)
  3. Purchas a new light for the basement, which didn’t get installed because it came out of the package broken. (So back on the to-do list it goes.)
  4. Shop for a new car. (If you have any suggestions for an SUV with third-row seating, bring it on.)
  5. Watch the Royals lose to the White Sox on a hot and muggy summer’s night.
  6. Host our annual Fantasy Football Draft. My team is awesome, by the way.
  7. Finish watching the second season of “When Calls the Heart.” Talk about a smile that can make a girl melt. (Check out this witty and romantic Hallmark original on Netflix. It’s a great family show.)
  8. Buy, plant and relocate flowers. . . lots of flowers.
  9. Make a visit to urgent care to check the huge red welt on my arm from a spider that didn’t care much for my planting in and around his space.
  10. Dig up and relocate one of the moles that has completely destroyed our lawn. It came up squeaking with one of my relocated bushes and my husband promptly found it a new home with lots of open space to dig.

     BONUS:  Take some time to throw the football in the front yard with my husband and son.

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