Life as I Know It

Running Like Forrest

I’ve heard of this thing called a” Runner’s High” but what I really want to know is if there is such a thing as a “Runner’s Low,” because, if there is, I just know I’ve got it.

After a few days out of town, helping my husband recover from surgery, two snow storms and a long bout of the crud, I’m just not sure how and where to renew my training for this summer’s 3.1 mile race (a.k.a. – 5k). I had been following my training schedule closely until my two-week hiatus, and now I’m actually afraid to start running — okay, as my husband points out, “running” is a term used loosely here. My gait feels more like Forrest Gump (the young version still in braces); but none the less, it’s still a step up from walking. I don’t know if I should continue where I left off or back up a week or two on my schedule. I’m mostly afraid that my legs, shins and lungs will object to having their vacation cut short so abruptly.

As we all know, things turned out well for Forrest on the running front and he’s probably the only person I know of (yes, I realize he’s fictional) who actually experienced the elusive Runner’s High. . . and boy, wasn’t that a trip. While that high may not actually exist here in the non-Hollywood world because I can’t name a single real person who claims to have experienced it, I can tell you the opposite is a reality and it has knocked on my door.

So here’s to the Runner’s Low, there’s nowhere to go but up from here. . . unless I bite it on the treadmill today.