Quilting and Football

Who says quilting and football don’t go together? It was Second Saturday Sewing at church this weekend, so I dragged out my quilt, on hiatus throughout the holidays, and began again the laborious task of quilting by hand. It’s slow going, but I’m doing it as tribute to my grandmother, Nannie, with whom I was lucky enough to quilt on occasion. I’m even using her quilting hoop for the task — somehow I just feel a bit closer to my grandma with every little (some smaller than others) stitch.

quilting and football

So I’m sure you’re wondering where football comes into all of this. . . Shortly after returning home from quilting, the Wildcard playoff games began, with my Kansas City Chiefs (notice I’m wearing red) kicking off the first of several weekend games. I do love me some football, especially when the home team is playing, but that can be three hours of accomplishing little else while the pigskin gets tossed about. So I decided to set up my quilting rack, now at hand, right in front of the TV and knock out two kinds of fun at the same time.

quilting and football

My husband gave me a hard time and called me granny more than once (maybe it was the reading glasses), but the Chiefs won (breaking a 22-year playoff win drought), so he better hope I’m up for quilting again next weekend.

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