Hey, Where’s All My Free Time?

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Whew! Where did all my new found free time go? My child has been in kindergarten for almost a month and I have absolutely not accomplished a single thing on my “Hey Look at How Productive I Am Now” list.

I have not cleaned the storage room, I have not pared down my son’s toy collection, I have not worked out three times a week, I have not started my new kitchen back splash, I have not made yummy home cooked meals every night of the week (okay, so that was going to be a stretch anyway but you get my point) and I have certainly not blogged my little heart out as planned.

So as I went about wondering why I’m accomplishing less, it seems, around the house now that my only child is in school, I realized my new sought after role of “Wonder What I Can Accomplish Woman” has actually morphed into “My Son Will Succeed Super School Mom.”

No I haven’t shortened my to-do list, but I have, on the other hand, dropped off my son at school each morning, I have met him at the bus stop each afternoon, I have signed up for PTA and the school carnival tattoo booth (yes, I will be the one covering the local little ones in fabulous faux ink), I have already been through one round of school fundraising, I have figured out what “special” is on what day of the week so that I can dress my son accordingly (unless the schedule changes because it’s an early-release day, holiday or homecoming week or an assembly is planned), and I have happily navigated Jolly Phonics with my wee one on a nightly basis.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying our new routine but there has been a bit of a learning curve. We’re still experimenting with departure times and school entry points that make the most sense. I make sure to read every e-mail, text and other alerts from the school, and I spend several minutes each afternoon rifling through my kindergartener’s backpack to see what needs to signed, purchased, reviewed or returned. Let me tell ya, there’s a lot going on at that school.

Our evening routine has also seen changes and between dinner, bathing and getting jolly with the phonics we find little time to do much else before bed. But when that precious boy’s head hits the pillow and his little prayers are said, his exhausted brain and body go from zero to sawing logs in nothing flat.

Although it’s not quite what I imagined, I’m enjoying this new season of life and with a little practice and polishing I might even be able to settle into my new schedule and squeeze in some structure. Huh, could it be that structure leads to free time? If I find it, I’ll let you know.

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  1. So now you know the life of a mother with a child in school

    So now you know the life of a mother with a child in school full time:)

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