Fresh Snow Flurries and Family Fun


I’m not sure one ever outgrows the excitement of Winter’s first snow. . . now some of us get over it much more quickly than others, but for children even the slightest flurry is cause to pounce about in the cold.

The first words out of my son’s grinning face as he stepped off the school bus were, “It’s snowing!” Yes indeed, today was our first real snow in KC and even at that it barely dusted the ground in select spots, but that was enough to make my little man happy. That boy played outside until his fingers were down right frigid.



He plowed snow with his Lego Advent calendar character, drew designs with a stick and traipsed around in the backyard until I forced him to go see Moana in 3D with me (his first 3D movie ever by the way). So let’s see, he got out of school two hours early, played in freshly fallen snow and saw a movie with his mama. . . life is really a struggle at our house right now. *grin*

Moana in 3D

I hope your Wednesday was as good as ours and you are making some special memories this holiday season. Take a little extra time to enjoy your family and appreciate the small everyday blessings of life, like freshly fallen snow flurries. . . or the wonders of 3D technology.

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