Better than Sick Leave

I’m not suppose to get sick — I’m the mama. But since my husband brought home some funky germs and infected the whole family, I at least did my motherly duty to get sick during the weekend (the entire weekend) so that I could be back on the job bright and early (real early) Monday morning.

I used to think moms never got sick. I mean, how could they — they have families to run? I don’t remember my mom ever being sick when I was growing up, but maybe she just pushed through the pain because there wasn’t an alternative or perhaps she did have her aches, pains, sniffles and shivers, but only on the weekends when Dad could otherwise occupy us.

If I had been around when Mom was ill I’m sure I would have noticed, because even though I had to fulfill my motherly duties yesterday (and not much else) my two-year-old seemed to sense that I was not at the top of my game and made the proper adjustments. That, I will take — it might be better than sick leave.