Be Still, and Know


My goodness, what a busy spring and summer we have had here at The Three-Acre Wood! So busy, in fact, that I’ve done very little in the way of writing and I’m really starting to miss that component of my life. Over the last few years as a small-time blogger, I have discovered that I really enjoy journaling about my life and adventures and have found that creating, in the crafty sense as well as in prose, to be therapeutic. I am so grateful to my family, friends and readers who continue to venture along this path with me and just feel the need to say thanks every now and then, especially when I’ve been a bit absent. So to you I say, “Thank you!”

Just this summer, we have been raising chickens and building coops, battling Strep, vacationing in Oklahoma, cruising for seven days in Alaska, planning and prepping for Vacation Bible School, taking swim lessons and all the while working through a hopeful child adoption. It has been amazing but seriously stressful and time consuming, especially on top of all my regular commitments.

With all the activity that has surrounded us lately, a couple of weeks ago I finally reached a point in the middle of the night where my brain and my heart felt so burdened and busy that I couldn’t sleep. Now those closest to me know that I LOVE my sleep and realize it rarely eludes me. . . unless I’m seriously stressed, which doesn’t happen often. After trying several methods to coax myself to sleep I finally grabbed my Bible and headed directly to my Great Comforter. After reading a few chapters on my “Read the Bible in a Year” list I recalled Psalm 46:10. . .

He says, “Be still, and know I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

Ah yes, the “be still” verse. . . not one of my favorites until I am at my wits end. But on this way early morning with blurry eyes and a heavy heart, God spoke to me through this verse and His message was twofold. First, I felt that I was commanded to slow down and release some of the burdens of my life (no matter how much I might enjoy them). That message was clear and I vowed to ease up on some of my volunteer duties so that I could take better care of my family and myself. This touched on the “be still” part of the verse but the “know I am God” portion was where I really had to examine my life.

I had become so busy, so pressed for time in my daily life, that I had let my daily quiet time and Bible study slowly slip away. I no longer found myself nourished by The Word, worshipping with God or producing much fruit. I was missing out on the very thing that energizes my soul. . . and that is a very sad place to be. I had put aside the One who loves me, who guides me and who cradles me when I’m way in over my head. My life was out of whack! But as I sat still on an early June morning,  I realized who was truly in control of my life and the world around me — it was, and is, my God! I exalt you!

By the way, the photo at the top is from our very recent Alaskan cruise. With views like this, it’s sure is easy to know and exalt Our Creator. *in awe*