Are You, or You, or You Headed to Church?

Sometimes on Sunday mornings as I drive or ride to church, I like to imagine who else on the road is making their way to worship. While sitting at a red light or waiting my turn at a stop sign, I try to peek into the cars around me to see if someone’s clothes or the look on their faces might give me a clue to their destinations. I realize ties and smiles are not accurate indicators of someone’s path to church, but it’s all I have to work with unless I spy a “Jesus is my copilot” bumper sticker (and even at that, one never knows).

My boys and I drove separately to church yesterday morning, so I was alone with my thoughts and my worship wondering as I silently stalked fellow drivers on the road (It sounds kind of creepy when I phrase it like). It’s not like I’m judging them for doing or don’ting, but I do speculate. So yesterday as I idled at a stoplight about a mile from my destination, I received a special Sunday morning treat as a pickup truck turned left past me and gave me a good look inside. Right there next to each other was an older couple that I like to imagine were making their way to church like they had done for most of their married lives. He was dressed in a navy blue suit and tie and she had her hair curled and securely fastened under a rain bonnet (just like my grandmother use to wear).

Now I have no idea if they were actually attending church or just on their way to a fancy breakfast buffet, but I chose the church and that made me smile. This elderly man and woman reminded me of so many dedicated couples I knew as a child, sat with in hard-back upholstered pews and spied every time the church doors were open. They were faithful, they were selfless, they were kind, and they are quickly leaving a well-dressed hole in the landscape of the American church.

But this post is not about a sharp-dressed man and his pin-curled bride, nor is it about what one should wear for worship. It is simply about my Sunday morning musings and my reluctance to give up on an important practice that has shaped my life. I’m not promoting one religion over another (although if you’re at a loss, I could help you with that *grin*) and I’m not suggesting you have to dress a certain way to walk through a church door. What I am saying is that if you haven’t given church going a go (or if you haven’t attended for a bit), you should visit a local place of worship. You might be surprised, you might be inspired and you might even meet some nice people, but all of this requires some intention (and a willingness to get on the road with this inquisitive fellow church goer).

photo credit: slack12 Connecticut College via photopin (license)

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