Life as I Know It

A Fine Thursday in Topeka

It was “Take Your Toddler to School Day” for my niece’s parenting class, so I dropped off my son at Topeka West High School this morning and found myself with two hours to kill in a town where I know nothing. With my handy GPS (more fondly know as Lola) in search mode, I started looking for a quaint resale shop or antique market, but what I found was something entirely different. . . in a good way.

In the spot where the antique store was suppose to be, I found a strip mall and a fabric store. I thought that might be a good way to pass the time, and as I drove closer I noticed a large crowd gathering outside said store and signs on the window reading “Huge Sale” and “Fabulous Prizes.” Then I thought, “This really is going to be good.” So like a lemming, I piled into the back of crowd and waited for the doors to open.

As I looked around, I noticed lots of folks holding letters, so I eyeball dropped over someone’s shoulder and read that this was a special invitation event. Hmmmmm. . .  I began talking to folks and told them how I came to be there and discovered I had to have a letter, or be the friend of a letter holder, to get through the doors. Well of course, I quickly adopted a new friend, Melanie, and she immediately vouched for me as we entered the store.

I bought material, I bought quilt patterns, I bought basting, and I could have bought more. Thanks Fabric Corner, thanks New Friend Melanie, thanks to the girl cutting my material just helping her mother on her “day off”  and thanks to the interesting people in all the lines. You made a little lemming from out-of-town feel very welcomed on a fine Thursday morning in Topeka.