“If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”

-Percy Bysshe Shelley

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    Life as I Know It

    One Little Pig and a Rustic Wreath

    My little guy and I have been in my hometown for a few days to celebrate my sister’s 49th birthday. Oops! Sorry, sis, I let your age out of the bag. *grin* Anyway, other than eating every bad thing in sight and enjoying the gorgeous weather, my sister and I did a bit of antique shopping in downtown Claremore and I found a couple of fun little things to take back home. The first item was this little ceramic pig designed as a place card or business card holder. It’s definitely not an antique, but I have a thing for pigs (it must be the Razorback in me) and I plan to…

  • Celebrations

    Uppity Easter Softball Taught Me a Thing or Two

    Well, another Easter in the hollow has come and gone, but we had a great time in Blue Jay with loads of family and fun (and I have dozens of photos to prove it). We made a long weekend out of the holiday celebration and managed to cram in two entire days full of playing, eating and visiting with family. We dyed and hunted Easter eggs, played multiple games of Scrabble, played croquet, bashed a chick-shaped piƱata and even got up an impromptu game of softball in the cow pasture. Ah, how we have progressed through the years — we actually used old burlap sacks instead of cow patties for the bases this year. How’s…

  • Saturday Sparks

    Saturday Sparks — Easter Ideas

    Easter weekend is just a week away, and if you’re looking for some great holiday decorating, crafting or kid-friendly gift ideas, have I got a few fun suggestions for Small Talk Mama readers. Today’s inspiration is a hodge-podge of all things Easter that just promises to ignite that creative spark in you. Hoppy Easter!