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Cheap and Easy Lavender Bunny

Cheap and Easy Lavender Bunny

lavender bunnyI am just so happy with my newest Easter-themed home addition that I had to share it with you today. It may not take up much space, but it sure does look cute on my kitchen counter; and for under $7, the price can’t be beat.

I picked up, put down and picked up again this cute little bunny planter (although it was labeled a candy dish???) at Target several weeks ago for $3 and have been so excited for Easter time to roll around just so I could use it in my spring-themed décor. I have been trying to be more mindful of the items I purchase by visualizing exactly how and where they will be used before I actually bring them home.  And since I’m in the midst of the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge, I am so glad this cute little guy turned out pretty close to my original vision.

I thought I might plant grass seed in the back of said little bunny, but that takes time to grow; so when I saw this perfectly sized lavender plant for less than $4 at Wal-Mart, I knew it would be a great choice. I simply repotted this wonderful smelling herb in the back of the bunny and added a bit of water. Since there isn’t any drainage I’ll have to be careful not to soak the plant; but when spring is finally finished and summer comes along, I’ll simply transplant my lavender outdoors. Meanwhile, this little lavender bunny will cheerfully sit in my kitchen and most definitely brighten my days.

lavender bunny


Five Last-Minute Creative Easter Ideas

Five Last-Minute Creative Easter Ideas

Easter is just a few days away; but if you’re looking for a bit of last-minute inspiration, you’re in luck. This morning I gathered a few of my favorite Small Talk Mama Easter ideas and put them all in one place so that you can pick and choose with ease. . . that and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t come up with anything new and exciting. New or not, the wishes are still the same — may you have a happy Easter, enjoy your family and rejoice in the risen Lord.

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rustic wreath

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One Little Pig and a Rustic Wreath

One Little Pig and a Rustic Wreath

My little guy and I have been in my hometown for a few days to celebrate my sister’s 49th birthday. Oops! Sorry, sis, I let your age out of the bag. *grin* Anyway, other than eating every bad thing in sight and enjoying the gorgeous weather, my sister and I did a bit of antique shopping in downtown Claremore and I found a couple of fun little things to take back home.

The first item was this little ceramic pig designed as a place card or business card holder. It’s definitely not an antique, but I have a thing for pigs (it must be the Razorback in me) and I plan to use it as a recipe card or Bible verse holder.

pig card holder

My best purchase of the day was this $8.00 rusty metal spool designed to hold wire. In fact, some of the wire was still on it. I immediately thought it would make a cute rustic wreath for my home, so I snatched it up. I’m happy to say it does indeed make an interesting wreath, so you’ll have to check back here tomorrow to see how Mom and I dolled it up for Easter. Until then, happy weekend!

rustic wreath spool