• life after Lombardi
    Life as I Know It

    My LAL (Life After Lombardi)

    Wow, what a crazy week here in Kansas City! What started with three and a half hours of holding my breath ended with a joyous celebration the likes this city hasn’t seen in 50 years. When the Chiefs won the Super Bowl Sunday, it was an incredible feeling that I really didn’t (and still don’t) have the words to describe. As a Missouri marriage transplant, I quickly adopted the nearest sports teams as my own and have been an avid Chiefs and Royals fan for almost 17 years now. I was just over a month old and living in Tulsa the last time the Chiefs won the Super Bowl so…

  • Fourth of July Parade
    Life as I Know It

    I Cried on the Fourth of July

    Independence Day started so innocently with family breakfast on the way to the local quintessential small town parade in Parkville, Mo., with plans for the carnival after. We parked the minivan, walked a couple of blocks, nabbed a front-row spot, and laughed and made small talk with our five-year-old son while sipping on sodas until the festivities began. It was supposed to be a completely care-free and fun-filled day, but soon after the vehicles began rolling down the hill in front of our little spot along the road, tears began to fill my eyes. As hard as I tried I couldn’t hold them in, especially when the face of one of the gentleman…

  • Life as I Know It

    We Were There!

    As many of you may know by now, the Kansas City Royals won the World Series Sunday night, beating the Mets four games to one. It has been a thrilling time in KC for many months and Sunday’s win put an end to a 30-year dry spell for our baseball team, which last won the series in 1985. Since I am a transplant to the area I wasn’t around for that win in the 80s, so this year’s victory was extra special to me. So along with approximately 800,000 other people (almost twice the city’s population), I and my five-year-old son ventured downtown to catch a glimpse of our heroes yesterday morning at the “ticker…