Authentic or Faux — My Forsythia Struts Its Stuff

Igot so excited when I rounded the house this weekend to find my forsythia bush blooming! I immediately cut several stems to take the place of the faux flowers I wrote about only days before on my post “Five Tips for Displaying Faux Flowers.”

This cheery card is a perfect way to brighten someone's day. . . complete with a little shaker surprise!

Country Cuteness from Mom’s Garage

I took an old canning jar, a partial can of off-white spray paint, twine and twigs and quickly whipped up a cute little country-style home decor.

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“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

-Margaret Atwood

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    Life as I Know It

    The Weight Is Over, or Not

    I haven’t shared my “weight is over” progress for a month now; because, frankly, there’s absolutely nothing to report. I mean nothing. I haven’t lost a single pound of my overindulging holiday weight and I’m still not any closer to running another 5k or wearing a bathing suit sans shorts and a t-shirt. Let me tell you, when your family spends a couple of days at Great Wolf Lodge in February (Christmas gift from Mimi), it’s a real wake up call when you squeeze your lily-white self into a bathing suit and your chubby thighs hang out one end and your back fat squishes up over the other. TMI? Well…

  • weight is over
    Life as I Know It

    This Tortoise Lives with a Hare

    So most of you probably know the old story of The Tortoise and the Hare, where the tortoise wins a race by keeping his pace slow and steady while the hare is out having a good time, taking naps and visiting with friends. This means the tortoise probably packed his lunch of celery, water and flax seed for the road and never stopped to indulge on “brunch with the girls” or “mom’s night out.” Now I ask you, what seems like more fun? After all, didn’t the hare still finished the race even if he wasn’t first. I’m sure I would be okay with that. Okay, so I realize that the…


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