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    The Weight is Over. . . Seriously. No, Really. This Time I Mean It.

    So you might remember “The Weight is Over” series I started about a year and a half ago, about losing weight and keeping it off. Well I’m happy to report that I lost over 12 pounds during that few months. What I’m not so happy about is that unfortunately it all somehow found it’s way back home. Yikes!! So you guessed it, I’m revisiting the series in hopes that I can re-lose the weight and then some, keep it off for. . . well, eternity (I’m aiming big here) and let the simple task of blogging my progress hold me accountable for it all. After our family trip to Arkansas…

  • Life as I Know It

    Running Like Forrest

    I’ve heard of this thing called a” Runner’s High” but what I really want to know is if there is such a thing as a “Runner’s Low,” because, if there is, I just know I’ve got it. After a few days out of town, helping my husband recover from surgery, two snow storms and a long bout of the crud, I’m just not sure how and where to renew my training for this summer’s 3.1 mile race (a.k.a. – 5k). I had been following my training schedule closely until my two-week hiatus, and now I’m actually afraid to start running — okay, as my husband points out, “running” is a term used…