“If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”

-Percy Bysshe Shelley

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    Stuck Inside with a Stuck Sketch

    Yesterday was an snow ice day for my son’s school but he was still running a fever, so I knew it would be another long housebound day for the two of us. After making the trek through the basement to feed the chickens, I flipped on the space heater in my craft room on my way back through the house. I anticipated a crafty kind of day and thankfully I carved out a couple of hours to do just that. I decided to continue working on my 2011 scrapbook (save the “poor things” and “bless her hearts” please — I know I’m way behind *sigh*) and after I inspected the Stuck Sketch…

  • Cards & Crops

    A Scrappy Day in T-Town

    Well I didn’t see any new ground breaking scrappy inventions today at the Creating Keepsakes Convention, but that didn’t stop me from finding some good deals. I bought several types of sticker sheets for next to nothing, several embellishments and some cute decorative papers. I also bought a couple of colors of Ingvild Bolme quick dry fluid chalk ink and really like how they perform. For $2.00 each, I’ll probably scoop up a few extra colors tomorrow. These inks are roughly the size of Cat’s Eye inks, but one edge of the inking surface is flat and they have a bit more area to grip while stamping. I am really impressed with…