Authentic or Faux — My Forsythia Struts Its Stuff

Igot so excited when I rounded the house this weekend to find my forsythia bush blooming! I immediately cut several stems to take the place of the faux flowers I wrote about only days before on my post “Five Tips for Displaying Faux Flowers.”

This cheery card is a perfect way to brighten someone's day. . . complete with a little shaker surprise!

Country Cuteness from Mom’s Garage

I took an old canning jar, a partial can of off-white spray paint, twine and twigs and quickly whipped up a cute little country-style home decor.

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“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

-Margaret Atwood

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    Life as I Know It

    The Weight Is Over, or Not

    I haven’t shared my “weight is over” progress for a month now; because, frankly, there’s absolutely nothing to report. I mean nothing. I haven’t lost a single pound of my overindulging holiday weight and I’m still not any closer to running another 5k or wearing a bathing suit sans shorts and a t-shirt. Let me tell you, when your family spends a couple of days at Great Wolf Lodge in February (Christmas gift from Mimi), it’s a real wake up call when you squeeze your lily-white self into a bathing suit and your chubby thighs hang out one end and your back fat squishes up over the other. TMI? Well…

  • weight is over
    Life as I Know It

    My Weight Loss, Week One

    Well now, isn’t this embarrassing. I only lost a measly half a pound in week one of my weight loss journey, and now I have to tell the world. So let’s see where it all went wrong. . . First Mistake: my mindset. I figured if I only stopped eating crazy and making merry I would surely lose a pound or two. I ate so horribly for the last month and a half that I thought “better” would make a dent in my excess poundage. Wrong. Second Mistake:  one carefree night. I figured one night of indulgence out with my boys wouldn’t do that much damage. After all, I ordered water to…


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