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Five Tips for Displaying Faux Flowers

Five Tips for Displaying Faux Flowers

So I have this confession. . . I’m a bit of a fake flower snob. As a general rule, I just don’t like to display artificial blooms in my home, especially in tight quarters. That being said, I have made a few exceptions here and there because I have managed to locate some silk bushes that really do mimic real life. Here are a couple of my current favorite florals and a few tips for displaying faux flowers in your own home.

Saturday Sparks — A Christmas Star is Born

Saturday Sparks — A Christmas Star is Born

When I think of Christmas decorations or crafts, stars naturally come to mind. This basic shape can be created over and over to accommodate so many different design styles, uses and moods. Today I have gathered several ideas for the Christmas star (of course you can use them for whatever holiday or daily idea you have in mind) to hopefully get your creative self going. If you would like to add your own favorite star to the list, please post in the comments so that all can see.  Merry Christmas and may a “star be born.”


VBS Should Be a Verb

VBS Should Be a Verb

VBS stage 2016

Well I’m halfway through VBS prep week and I’m happy to report that my family is neither hungry nor naked, unlike some years past. I’ve even prepared dinner every night this week — okay, so one night was Papa Murphy’s pizza, but we ate dinner at the table so that counts. Right?

While most of my free time has been spent making jellyfish out of garbage bags, sign posts out of foam board and cutting lengths of barely visible fishing line, I have managed to squeeze in a bit of mommy-and-me time along the way; but only because I didn’t want a repeat of last year.

VBS jellyfish 2016

With all the cutting, building, designing and decorating I’ve been doing this week, I’ve decided to make a change to Webster’s dictionary. I believe “VBS” should have a special verb definition that goes a little something like this:

VBS   (vā-kā′shən  bī′bəl  skool)
1.  To furnish, provide, or adorn an entire church building to an exceeding degree for a crew of crazed children who have been cooped up at home all summer

2. The futile act or process of perfecting a prescribed theme that will be extremely underappreciated by all other persons in the universe

3. The laborious pouring out of literal sweat, blood and tears to fulfill a personal vision that is characterized as extending far beyond the norm

“So long honey, I’m off to VBS.” 
“Go ahead and eat without me. I’ll be VBSing all night.”
“I can see by the glitter on your face, and clothes and toes, that you have VBSed.”
“Yes I’m wearing the same shirt as yesterday, and the day before, but I’ve been VBSing all week.”
“Don’t mind the bandages, my hot glue gun has seen lots of use while VBSing.”
“No, although you plan to VBS all week, you cannot bathe in the baptismal.”

Okay, so in the moment I always question and rethink my decision to be so heavily involved in Vacation Bible School, but I really do enjoy the week when all the kids arrive and we get to teach them about God’s Word and hopefully plant the seeds that help them grow in Christ. So here’s to all you VBS coordinators, planners, teachers, decorators and helpers in various roles — may you feel the peace of Christ and know the fruit of your labor (even if you don’t see it).

Happy VBSing!

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