“If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”

-Percy Bysshe Shelley

  • Mama Moments

    Rocking My Mama-Made World

    Today I dropped off my son for his last day of preschool (and I thought the first day was tough). A quick hug, watering eyes, speedy exit and several tissues later, I finally admitted my comfortable little mama-made world was about to be rocked. As much as I want to dig my heels into this season of life, only summer separates my son from school; which means the last five glorious, fun-filled, stay-at-home-mom years will quickly become a thing of the past. I made it through Kindergarten Roundup (though I declared it “the beginning of the end”), I made it through the paperwork, and I even made it through the screening, but today I just couldn’t…

  • Mama Moments

    Concentration Can Wait

    I used to think I was a pretty good multi-tasker. . . and then my son was born, carrying a big ol’ dose of reality in his adorable tiny fist. Amid the diaper changes, feeding times, bathing and general baby supervision it quickly became evident that I cannot do two things at once. In fact, the more I try to concentrate, the more he tries to get my attention and both of us just become completely frustrated. A few weeks ago I had to take my sidekick along to decorate our church for VBS. I knew this would slow me down quite a bit, but what I didn’t foresee was the…

  • Life as I Know It

    VBS Is In the Books

    Whew! Another wonderful VBS is in the books and I plan to put up my feet and bask in the calmness of life. . . as much as a busy four-year-old boy will allow. I donned a new hat for Vacation Bible School this year — that of coordinator for the whole event. I enjoyed it, but it certainly was a lot of work. Thankfully I had an awesome team and fabulous church support, so the week went off with very few hitches. . . unless you count the day I did the entire closing ceremony with my pants unzipped. We used Lifeway’s Journey Off the Map theme this year and…