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    Start Your Day With a Sausage Cheese Croissant

    Saturday mornings are for family breakfast in our home. We like to sit down together and start our day with something yummy in our tummies. Of course, some weekend mornings there just isn’t a lot of time to make a huge meal (i.e. quilting morns with the church ladies), so something in a hurry fits the bill. This sausage cheese croissant recipe is one of my best go-to breakfast items and also one of my husband’s favorites. Mind you, these croissants are in no way low-cal and probably not too healthy, but if you add some fruit on the side you actually hit the four major food groups. . . yes, it’s a stretch,…

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    Super Quick Chocolate-Almond Pancakes

    If you read the Belgium Waffle with the Works post from yesterday and think it sounds really yummy but super unrealistic for a family on the go or weekday morning fare, then you’re going to love this quick (I mean super quick) delicious alternative. I’m not putting this one in recipe form, because I’m not really “making” anything today. I’m simply taking the similar nutrient-rich ingredients from yesterday’s waffle recipe and making super quick chocolate-almond pancakes. The secret ingredient here is your favorite boxed, bagged or even bottled pancake mix. Prepare the batter per instructions and right after you pour the batter into the skillet for cooking, plop a few chocolate…

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    Sprinkle a Few Almonds on Your Day

    Of all the mealtimes and all the varied dishes and delicacies in this world, those most associated with the earliest hours of the day are my favorite. I love breakfast. . . and sometimes not only during the a.m. hours. Occasionally we like to prepare a special dinnertime treat, by making waffles or pancakes, eggs and bacon for our evening meal. Somehow it seems so rebellious, but oh so good! When it comes to my pancakes and waffles, I’m not a purist, going for butter and syrup. Instead, I like to dress mine up with something special. By the time I’m done with a waffle, it’s kind of like a meal and dessert…