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“Monster Trucks” is Family Friendly Flick

What do you do during your last few hours of what will surely be the last of a string of sick days? Why, see a movie, of course!

My son and I have been housebound this week, but he was feeling well enough to hit the movie theatre for a good old-fashioned kid flick, so I rolled the dice with the PG-rated “Monster Trucks” movie. My son really wanted to see this one and I thought the trailers seemed cute and pretty benign for a six-year-old boy and his mom. We try to stick to G-rated movies as much as possible, but those are few and far between these days and some of that content is still objectionable. My husband and I have exercised our “parental guidance” rights and walked out of movies with our son in the past, but thankfully this movie was fun and pretty light-hearted through the end.


Without the large amounts of gratuitous language and potty jokes that often appear in kid movies today, “Monster Trucks” is truly an entertaining and family friendly flick. The movie has a simple plot and touches on family dynamics and relationships along the way, but the antics of one crazy creature and his big dreaming, truck driving teenage friend dominate most of the movie as they try to beat the evil dealings of a corrupt and greedy oil man.

This parent gives it her approval and she and her son both give it thumbs up for a mid-winter outing (especially when you’ve been cooped up in the house all week).