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Dining Etiquette Made Simple

In just a couple of days many of us will be hosting or attending a large family gathering , and for some of you it will probably be a more formal affair than most dinners at home. If you’re like me, just figuring out which glass is mine or the proper use order of forks can be daunting. It’s not like I was born in a barn or anything, but we also didn’t host too many fancy sit-downs either. 

Thankfully the nice folks at Liberty Tabletop have simplified the whole process of when to use what, what to do with it when you’re finished and some simple principles of etiquette with their handy dandy graphic seen below.

Now if you’re one of those families that puts out the best paper plates, solo cups and plastic ware (with maybe even a spork sighting or two), more power to you. Of course there is always room for manners; but unfortunately, I don’t have a graphic for labeling your cup with a marker, licking your fork before dessert or grabbing a paper towel when the napkins run dry. Hmmm, maybe I was born at least close to a barn. . .

Happy Thanksgiving to all, no matter the plate from which your turkey comes!!