• Saturday Sparks

    Saturday Sparks — Hot Chocolate Bars

    Baby, it’s cold outside (finally), and I’m looking for some inspiration for a cute little chocolate bar – you know with all the marshmallows, whipped cream and peppermint goodies. So today I’ve gathered lots of Pinterest ideas to help you (and me) create our own. From printables to tasty toppings and serving dishes to design, this collection of inspiration has a bit of it all.

  • Craftiness

    The Easiest Way to Get Flaky

      January is just one of those months that seems to get the short straw when it comes to celebrations and decorations. We just came off three straight months of holidays while wrapping up the old year with the granddaddy of all decorative occasions — Christmas. So if you’re feeling the winter blues and your home needs a quick splash of fun, try making these cute coffee filter snowflakes to decorate your home. Literally, this must be the easiest and quickest way to make flakes, but be warned:  it can be a tad bit addictive. All you need to cut out these cuties, are some regular coffee filters (not the…

  • Celebrations

    Spreading Last Year’s Christmas Cheer

    While we might have used some “warmer” days to decorate our home’s exterior for the holidays, the inside has yet to see a lick of Christmas cheer. Things are about to change today but who knows how long the whole decking of the halls could take, so I located a few photos of last year’s decor to share with you today. I hope it gets you in the mood to throw a little tinsel or beautify some boughs of holly of your own. I used artificial greenery, pinecones and splashes of red to create a simple but welcoming entrance. That’s my old childhood sled leaning by the door and I purchased…