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Angie Harmon is My Political Sister

Angie Harmon is My Political Sister

MoreMagI recently read an article in the September issue of More magazine and just had to share a little bit of Angie Harmon love. While the article was supposed to be about getting what you want at any age, it seemed to be more about the 40-something Rizzoli and Isles star’s stance on family, faith and politics.

And surprisingly enough, it was her position on politics where I felt a little flutter of sisterhood. Towards the very end of the article the topic of Harmon’s Republican roots came to light and she actually labeled herself a ”liberal Republican.” While I consider myself somewhat of the same, I certainly do not think I’m near the liberal she is but it’s a term I’ll go ahead and claim.

Harmon cited an incident a few years ago where she was labeled a gay-hating racist just because she disagreed with the way the president was handling current situations. According to Harmon, nothing is farther from the truth, so shortly there after she went on a campaign to clear up her political position and personal beliefs.

About the situation she said, ”I was devastated. I had one actor friend tell me I was brainwashed and stupid. Here was this brutally intelligent person, and I sat there looking at the limitations of his thoughts. Call it naiveté or stupidity, but I didn’t know that unless you are a Democrat, you aren’t allowed to talk politics in Hollywood.” (Insert city of choice here.)

She then said (and this is where I really connected with her, because I’ve been saying this very thing for years), ”It’s bizarre to me that the so-called tolerant party can be so intolerant.”

Hello, sister! That’s what I’m saying. Not that I’m trying to make a huge political statement here or that I’m lumping every Democrat into the same mold, but I just wish that more people who claim to be ”open-minded” would actually be so.