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Saturday Sparks — Patriotic Picnics

Saturday Sparks — Patriotic Picnics

Who doesn’t like a great patriotic picnic this time of year? And today I’m sharing a bit of inspiration to kick start your next family gathering just in time for Independence Day. So take a look at all the stars, stripes, pinwheels and red, white and blue to start planning your picnic today.


Saturday Sparks – Patriotic Prettification

Saturday Sparks – Patriotic Prettification

Okay, so I’ve never used the word “prettification” in my life, but I like the alliteration and you can blame my thesaurus for that one. A little new vocabulary never hurt anyone.

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, I thought I would supply you with a few decorating ideas and appropriately patriotic homes in hopes you might get a few ideas for dressing up your own abode and proudly pronouncing you are an American. While some folks definitely go over the top, I think you can also be very subtle in your use of stars and stripes to set the proper stage.

So here’s to the red, white and blue and a wonderful weekend too.

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This one is for those of you who can hardly contain yourselves and think we should celebrate Independence Day every darn month of the year.



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