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Exactly Where Did the Apple Core Go?

Exactly Where Did the Apple Core Go?

apple core

After a late lunch Saturday afternoon, we decided to have PB&J’s for family dinner. My husband generously volunteered to assemble the meal and even added some yummy apple slices to our plates.

We have one of those little gadgets that wedges an apple while taking out the core — I’m sure you all can visualize, and perhaps own, one of these handy little tools. The problem with said gadget is that most apples aren’t perfectly round and there is usually a bit of tough apple core left in the middle of most of the cut wedges. Of course it’s not a huge ordeal to cut this part out with a knife, and I routinely do this chore for our son.

Little did I know that my husband had on this evening invented a new way to take out the tough bits left behind by the apple corer. . . take a closer look at my apple photo (of course I had to take a picture to document the event). Yes, my dinner-preparing husband decided that it was much quicker and more productive to actually bite out those tough centers on each and every apple wedge before he placed them on our plates.

Hmmm. . . after a good laugh, I ate the apples. But rest assured, I will not for any reason put my husband on fruit duty when guests are coming to dinner.