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Amtrak Made Me Cool

Amtrak Made Me Cool


Two of our nieces spent a couple of their spring break days with us this week, and I frantically searched for something new and exciting for our little crew to do. My husband informed me not too long ago that I had become somewhat boring since I became a mom, but just how does one entertain a tweener, a teener and a two-year-old (still taking mid-day naps) all at the same time?

This is where Amtrak enters the picture, and when I become the “cool” aunt again (if only for a day). I booked four seats on the afternoon rail and we took a short trip just beyond the city limits. It wasn’t a huge endeavor, we didn’t have to back our bags, and the cost was minimal for an experience that was new to all of us.

station station2

Part of the fun was experiencing the grand old train station before boarding, so we arrived early to look at the exhibits, architecture and historical photos. Our destination was a cute rejuvenated business district, where we walked to a small family-owned restaurant for dinner. The ride home didn’t fit our schedule, so my husband drove over after work, met us for dinner and drove us all back home.

The trip was a hit for all ages, and I highly recommend this outing if you are lucky enough to live near a passenger rail system. I enjoyed it so much, my husband and I are planning an anniversary trip via rail half-way across the state.