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And He Said. . .

My husband subscribes to my RSS feed. Okay, so I will admit that I did the subscribing for him via his personal e-mail address: a) because he has no clue about such things, b) he really has no intention of ever learning how to follow “some blog” and c) every now and then I thought he might enjoy reading about our life from a different point of view.

An interesting thing happened the other night as my husband was reading his e-mail. He suddenly said, “That’s it? Popcorn in a paper bag? ” He was referring to Monday’s post about making your own microwaveable popcorn. I know it was a bit wimpy, but that was all my brain could manage after being sick all weekend.

He continued to rib me about the post, saying that it wasn’t even witty or cleverly written, that surely I could have come up with something better and on and on. Of course, I gave some defense of my post but don’t even remember what I said and most of his rambling was lost on me, because for the life of me all I kept hearing was, “Blah, blah, blah. . . honey, I actually read your blog.”  And that makes me smile.

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Let the Madness Begin

Let the Madness Begin

March madness

It’s finally time for March Madness and even if you didn’t watch a single college basketball game or have a favorite team, it’s always fun to fill out a bracket and see how you do. My husband and I usually wager something fun on a (somewhat) friendly competition between the two of us and compete against friends and family.

My bracket is complete, with Indiana beating Gonzaga for the title this year. You can make your picks online at, cbs sports or several other sites, but I would love to hear who you think the winner will be.

T-shirt Brining a Bust


brineTshirtThis pin offered vintage soft t-shirts in only three days; unfortunately, it didn’t deliver on its promise of cuddly clothes.

I used a 100% cotton t-shirt that I rarely wear, because it just isn’t soft enough for my liking. I followed the brining recipe (from Octane) to the letter, soaked my shirt for three and a half days and laundered it as directed. While it did discolor it a bit in choice spots, I’m not sure it actually softened it at all — and certainly nowhere near vintage.

In my opinion, t-shirt brining is a bust.

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