Simplifying My New Year

In bed by 1 and out by 9 — not a bad way to start my 2016. My son did decide it was time to get out of bed about 7:45, but I managed to shoo my boys out of the room, plop a cool pillow over my head and grab another hour’s sleep. When I woke, it was to bacon and breakfast burritos, nice kisses and warm new year wishes. It’s good to be me.

Unfortunately, other than leisurely enjoying a bit of the Rose Bowl Parade, my day moved pretty swiftly as I cooked and cleaned for our family Christmas 2.0. It was a nice family gathering, dinner was simple and I think we all had a good evening. . . especially my son who obviously enjoyed a whole new round of gifts.

Anyway, other than the duties that had to be done, I did manage to give some thought to my goals for this new year, since that’s apparently what one does on this day. I have noticed lately that there seems to be a trend to simplify all of one’s resolutions into one meaningful word. I gotta tell ya, I’m digging this idea because when I make a list of dos and don’ts I inevitably leave out a few good ones here and there and never know what the proper resolution etiquette might be. Does it count as a “real” resolution if it’s not on the list by January 1?

So I’ve decided that I like this new simple way of doing things so much that I’m fully embracing this approach and choosing my word for 2016 as “simplify.” (Is that cheating?) Well the way I figure it, so many things can come from simplifying my life: more time to enjoy my family, more time to enjoy the hobbies that really make me happy, more time to read a few books, more time experiencing God and more time not feeling guilty that I didn’t do the many things I put on my platter while wading through clutter and old shoes.

I plan to clean out closets, get rid of “skinny girl” clothes I haven’t worn in years, donate crafty crap that I’ll never use, say “no” to more people, file family paperwork on a regular basis, shred stuff, say yes to quiet moments, read my Bible more because it calms my Spirit, and spend more time playing childish games, reading books with and listening to my son. See, simplify.

So as I think about my goals for the coming year, I leave you with a visual interpretation of how an over-committed, complicated and cluttered life makes me feel (courtesy of my five-year old’s playtime with his newest toys). Happy New Year!


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