Mama Moments

Poop in the Parking Lot

Yes, we’re still potty training. Still. Our little guy seems to get the ”pee pee” part of this whole process, but when it comes to the other he just refuses to go for it. I keep reading that this is normal for so many children, especially boys, but when you’re dropping poop in the parking lot I think it’s finally time to remedy the situation.

My husband and I were in Home Depot the other day looking for the necessities of our latest DIY project when our son decided to fill his britches. I mean, fill. We shortened our shopping trip and ventured outside to change the dirty pull-up on the back hatch of my Jeep.  As I hunted for the wipes, my husband undressed the little guy and tripped the ”Baby 911” alarm. When I hear the words it means, “Honey come quickly, because this diaper is too yucky for me to handle alone,” or better translated, ”You do it.”

Did I mention, he FILLED his britches. But this was okay, because I’ve done it before and it’s all good. So after many wet wipes and heading toward relief, I just happened to notice that the ground was a little mushy. I looked down (toward my sandal-wearing feet) and noticed that I am stepping in human poop! What? I questioned my husband, because he did the undressing; and we realized that the britches must have been fuller than we previous thought (although I don’t know how that is possible).

What’s a conscientious Mom to do? I’m not one to let feces just lie around where someone might step in it, but this was smushed beyond a pick up. So I and my poopy shoes got back in the car and headed for home, all the while hoping that unsuspecting passersby will just think it’s doggy doo from the PetSmart next door (sorry dog owners).