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40 Bags Sidelined by Spring Break

Whew! We are finally back from our nine-day whirlwind spring break tour of Oklahoma and southern Missouri, and its good to be home. I always say the best thing about traveling is going home. I love to see the sights and enjoy my family, but there is just something comforting and stable about being in familiar surroundings after sleeping in strange beds and consuming way too much restaurant food for days on end. Okay, now that I’ve established my alibi for not getting more accomplished toward my 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge, I do want to update you on my… Continue reading »

40 Bags in 40 Days

My 40 Bags in 40 Days Update: Day 10

Well it’s day 10 of the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge, and I have purged four total items from my ever burgeoning house. What? Oh yes, didn’t I tell you I’m playing 4 Bags in 40 Days??? Okay, so that was not my intention, but I’m afraid I’ve not made much headway toward the real goal. One chair, two boxes of donations and one bag of trash — that’s it! I started out with the best of intentions and even made a list of 20+ places that needed my attention, from the guest room closet to the work bench in the garage (my… Continue reading »

Rest In Peace From the Hollow

Note: This post was written in Blue Jay Hollow (pronounced “holler”) where many of you may remember there is no WiFi. I wrote the following thoughts early Saturday morning, but posted upon my return to life as usual. I promptly find myself in The Hollow this weekend, unfortunately not for pleasure. One of my dear uncles unexpectedly passed away this week and we are all gathering for his funeral today; but while I realize this trip is not for fun, whenever I’m with my extended family I can’t help but enjoy the hours. Just yesterday one of my aunts and… Continue reading »


Read the Bible or Bust: My Goal for the New Year

As the new year begins in earnest and we slowly come out of our evergreen scented, tinsel induced, confetti colored comas, most of us face the days ahead with a renewed hope and rosy glasses. These are the days that lead us to dream big, reinvent our ways and desire to take the world by storm (to some a rain shower, to others a tornado. . . but a storm nonetheless). We set goals, refine wishes and claim more resolutions than an invisible jet and really cool cuffs could ever hope to deliver in a mere 365 days (make that 361 if you’re… Continue reading »

Flip Flops or Pantsuit for the D.A.R.

So what does one wear to her first D.A.R. meeting? Yes, this is my current quandary. Most of my knowledge of the Daughters of the American Revolution came from watching Gilmore Girls, and that certainly can’t be a good thing. . . Although I haven’t joined the Daughters as of yet, I have been considering it since one of my second cousins joined earlier this year (and I didn’t even know I was eligible). She has done most of the legwork required to join, like names, relations and birth and death certificates, so that makes my path to membership quite a bit… Continue reading »

Gilmore Girls

A Gilmore Girls Binge, Good-bye & See You Soon

I have been binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix for weeks now and finally said “Bon Voyage” with the rest of Stars Hollow as I wrapped up the last of the entire seven-season series last night. Little did I know, until the 10 o’clock news, that I actually finished this witty, zany and heart-felt iconic TV show on the very day it first aired sixteen years ago. Cool, eh? I don’t know how I missed Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Sookie and the rest of the town folk when they originally aired in 2000; but considering that I was a newly divorced 30-year-old home… Continue reading »

apple core

Exactly Where Did the Apple Core Go?

After a late lunch Saturday afternoon, we decided to have PB&J’s for family dinner. My husband generously volunteered to assemble the meal and even added some yummy apple slices to our plates. We have one of those little gadgets that wedges an apple while taking out the core — I’m sure you all can visualize, and perhaps own, one of these handy little tools. The problem with said gadget is that most apples aren’t perfectly round and there is usually a bit of tough apple core left in the middle of most of the cut wedges. Of course it’s not a huge ordeal to… Continue reading »

free time

Hey, Where’s All My Free Time?

Whew! Where did all my new found free time go? My child has been in kindergarten for almost a month and I have absolutely not accomplished a single thing on my “Hey Look at How Productive I Am Now” list. I have not cleaned the storage room, I have not pared down my son’s toy collection, I have not worked out three times a week, I have not started my new kitchen back splash, I have not made yummy home cooked meals every night of the week (okay, so that was going to be a stretch anyway but you get my point)… Continue reading »

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