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40 bags

Clutter Begone: 40 Bags in 40 Days

Today is the first day of Lent, which consists of 40 days leading up to Good Friday and Easter. People “celebrate” this time of sacrifice by letting go of something they value, improving upon an aspect of life or, as is my case this year, getting rid of 40 bags of clutter that is weighing down my house and weighing down my life. Forty bags. That’s one bag or box of clutter for each day of Lent. It’s such a simple idea, but one that can make such a difference in your family’s life. This concept comes from Marie at White House… Continue reading »


IKEA Calls It Tablecloth, I Call It Valance

February has been a very long month at our home, which is really weird since it’s actually the shortest of the calendar year; but when you’re struggling with the revolving crud that’s been plaguing Winter it makes the weeks really drag. So now that the month is almost over, I’m finally feeling like doing something productive with my days. In fact, yesterday I was so energetic that I hung two cordless shades in the dining room and converted a tablecloth into a valance. . . and all that before noon! These projects were simple, but were a long time coming. Why… Continue reading »

holiday home tour

Merry Christmas & Holiday Home Tour

Good morning and Merry Christmas! As usual, I’m the first body up on Christmas morning, but I don’t mind much if the boys sleep in for a bit. The coffee just finished brewing, the tree is twinkling and Santa has polished off most of his cookies and milk left out last night by one very eager six-year-old boy. I plan to use these few moments of quiet for a bit of . . . never mind, I hear a little voice. Let the fun begin! As a final way to celebrate this special day, I’m leaving you with a quick holiday home tour. Merry… Continue reading »

Knock-Out Roses

Our Roses Knocked Out Fall

Thanksgiving is a week away and my Knock-Out Roses are still doing their thing curbside in Kansas City. We and they have been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather this fall, but since tomorrow’s high will plummet into the 40s, I decided to enjoy my flowers while I could. I also cut several stems for inside so I can enjoy them a wee bit longer. Apparently these brightly colored beauties are the one plant I can actually grow well. I get more compliments and jealous comments about my Knock-Outs than any other thing I’ve ever planted. The same held true for the rose bushes at our… Continue reading »

front porch

From Free to My Front Porch

Here’s a quick little project I recently finished that cost me next to nothing, thanks to one of my favorite shopping spots — Mom’s house. I went to Oklahoma a few weeks ago to help Mom with a garage sale she had been threatening to hold for quite some time, and lucky for me two old green chairs were still standing at the end. Instead of donating them to a local charity, she donated them to me. Oh. When I put it like that I feel a little guilty (but they do look super cute on my front porch). I carted home these ugly… Continue reading »


My DIY Kitchen Remodel Fights Back

Ahhh, DIY projects. I enjoy them. . . right up until the time I have to call a professional. At that point I guess they cease being do-it-yourself tasks and become more like I’ve-finally-given-up-and-have-no-other-option projects. Let’s see, I’m going to call these my GUAC (give up and call) projects for short. GUAC, kind of like quack as in duck, like I’m sitting here dead in the water until  a plumber arrives. . . but I digress. Now I have this theory that most folks have a few GUAC projects in their past (and most surely in their future), but these are the things… Continue reading »

fall spot

My Favorite Fall Spot

It’s a drizzly, cloudy day here in the Midwest and since I can’t spend time at my new favorite fall spot, I thought I would at least share it with all of you. We had a lower back deck built about a year and a half ago and it’s just now beginning to come together in a homey sort of way. . . just in time for some beautiful autumn days. I pieced together all the furniture between here and Oklahoma over many months, but my new favorite spot is this adorable bright green find from the Sparks fall flea… Continue reading »


Bench Enough for Fannies and Festiveness

I just love it when patience pays off! I have been searching for a long wooden bench to grace my front porch for at least a year now (ever since I let a beautiful choice slip through my fingers), and I have been very close to buying some okay benches, some it-might-work benches and some not-quite-what-I-had-in-mind benches during the last several months. So imagine my surprise when I ventured into our local IKEA store (NOT in search of a bench), and located this super cute, six-foot long floor model marked half off. Yup, half off! I bought the bench for $40, squeezed it into… Continue reading »

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