“Hate” is a Four-Year-Old Letter Word

Every now and then I catch a glimpse of unexpected assurance that our four-year-old son is actually soaking up a few of our better parenting moments. It’s usually when we least expect it and often when he doesn’t know we’re watching, but when it happens it’s gotta make a parent proud. The other night there was just nothing on TV for the family to watch, so I switched over to Netflix (no, this is not the fine parenting moment of which I speak). I started searching for a family-friendly Disney movie that was not animated, because frankly there are times my husband and I deserve… Continue reading »


Seed Cake Recipe for the Birds

When the flurries are flyin’ and you’re stuck inside, why not bring a few birds to your window with these homemade birdseed cakes. I had my doubts when I first tried this recipe, but they really are easy to make and the birds love them.

Poplessness for World Peace (or My First Attempt at Lent)

I’ve decided to give up soda for Lent. No , I haven’t converted to Catholicism, Lutheran, Presbyterian or any other religion that routinely celebrates the season leading to Easter with forty days of sacrifice, but I do think it’s a worthwhile exercise in spiritual discipline. Now I’m not sure how giving up Dr. Pepper will bring me closer to God. . . but give me a few weeks and it might become clear, or at least semitransparent. I hadn’t much a thought about Lent until I realized it was Ash Wednesday yesterday morning as I sipped on something funky I was told to be… Continue reading »


“A Real Cute Chick” Card

Whew, this latest Operation Write Home sketch challenge was a toughy. But after much thought and lots of digging through all sorts of stamps, stickers, papers and punches, I finally came up with a concept to follow the sketch. Since Easter is quickly closing in on us and the OWH deadline for these cards is at the end of the month, I decided to go with a card befitting this celebration (plus I had those really cute egg stamps that had never been used). While it’s not my most favorite card ever, I think it turned out kind of cute.


My Perfectly Not-So-Romantic Valentine’s Day

Well, I can’t say it was the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever, but it definitely was a good one because I got a little boy time, a little girl time and even a little just-me time. I woke to Valentine wishes from my husband and son and the aroma of blooming paper whites and tulips before I  barely wiped the sleep from my eyes. I received two pots of flowers, two wonderful cards and one mega-fast portable phone charger. Utilitarian? Yes. Needed? Definitely! After all, I only gave my husband two mini boxes of candy and a folded slip of paper tucked inside… Continue reading »


Colorful Marine Critters for OWH

Our Daily Bread Designs sponsors a challenge through Operation Write Home each month and February is all about designing with animals. Yeah!! I’m so excited, because this was the perfect excuse to use my new Recollections marine animal stamps that are so absolutely cute! I had a great time creating these little critter cards and have several more I want to make. I used basic papers and simple accents, and pulled out my markers to make things colorful. I also added simple messages and splashes of Stickles to add a bit of sparkle. Click on images to enlarge.  

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