This Little Piggy Went to (the Farmer’s) Market

It is a gorgeous late summer morning here in the Midwest, so my son and I decided to trek down to the local farmer’s market to see what was fresh. I’ve been craving vine-ripened tomatoes all summer, because our crop (and those of everyone else I know) just didn’t produce this year. Our spring and early summer were so wet that I gave up on our garden pretty early and let the weeds do their thing. I picked out some sweet banana peppers and juicy red tomatoes, while my son chose fresh broccoli and a tasty bundle of carrots. I don’t think… Continue reading »


Routines, Trains and “Naked Ladies”

Whew, the summer vacations are finally fini, and I’m home to stay for a while. After a week with my husband’s family in Hollister immediately followed by a week with my family in the Hollow, I’m actually happy to be home and ready to settle into a routine (at least for a few weeks). Preschool hasn’t started for my little guy, so we are spending some fair-weather days with MOMS Club® friends and wrapping up the summer around town. Today we spent the morning at Union Station watching the trains go by. Of course, I did spend my first day back just catching… Continue reading »


Concentration Can Wait

I used to think I was a pretty good multi-tasker. . . and then my son was born, carrying a big ol’ dose of reality in his adorable tiny fist. Amid the diaper changes, feeding times, bathing and general baby supervision it quickly became evident that I cannot do two things at once. In fact, the more I try to concentrate, the more he tries to get my attention and both of us just become completely frustrated. A few weeks ago I had to take my sidekick along to decorate our church for VBS. I knew this would slow me down… Continue reading »


Saturday Sparks — Back-to-School Teacher Gifts

It’s officially August, and that means back-to-school is just around the corner. The kiddos in our area are heading back what seems extra early to me this year, so it’s time to start thinking about teacher gifts. On this warm summer Saturday morning,  I’ve compiled a few ideas to help kick-start your creative spark, some simple and some more flashy (take a look at that school supply cake), but hopefully you find inspiration here to craft something fabulous for a special teacher.


DIY These Super Cute Over-sized Cattails

If you saw a few of my photos from VBS this year, I just know you must be asking yourself, “How do I make those adorable over-sized cattails she’s got going on there?” Well, I’m so glad you asked, because the idea just came to me one day during float decorating and it actually turned out super cute. I think it’s so cool when you look at something, like a pile of ugly brown flannel, and an awesome idea just springs into your head. Something about necessity and the mother of invention, I guess.  Anyway, these cattails are super easy and cheap… Continue reading »


VBS Is In the Books

Whew! Another wonderful VBS is in the books and I plan to put up my feet and bask in the calmness of life. . . as much as a busy four-year-old boy will allow. I donned a new hat for Vacation Bible School this year — that of coordinator for the whole event. I enjoyed it, but it certainly was a lot of work. Thankfully I had an awesome team and fabulous church support, so the week went off with very few hitches. . . unless you count the day I did the entire closing ceremony with my pants unzipped. We… Continue reading »

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