Florida vacation

Florida Vacation Full of Family Firsts

We returned from our Florida family vacation last week; and while it’s so good to be home, I feel like I’ve been playing catch-up for the last several days. I sure do love to travel, but I always love to come home. I think it makes me appreciate what I have. . . and home is a good thing to have. My in-laws rented a house for the whole family smack dab in the middle of the state and we descended on the hapless retirement community in true crazy family fashion. We arrived in shifts with several days of overlap, so we had… Continue reading »

Patriotic Punch

Saturday Sparks — Patriotic Punch in a Hurry

I returned from our family Florida vacation this week and realized Independence Day is just around the corner, but other than an American flag hanging out front you wouldn’t think I gave one iota about this patriotic holiday. What? Nothing could be farther from the truth, because this is one of my most favorite celebrations! Maybe it’s because it comes in the middle of the summer all by itself, or maybe it’s the fireworks, fun and family time that accompany this holiday, or maybe it’s that I swell up just a bit more with national pride; but whatever the reason,… Continue reading »

Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar — 80s Icon, Rock Star & Anniversary Gift

My husband gave me an awesome anniversary gift this year — tickets to see Pat Benatar. . . without him. Yes, without him. To amp up the awesomeness, he also arranged and paid for one of my best friends to drive in and go along. Maybe it’s not the most romantic of gifts, but it sure ranks up there on my thoughtfulness and selfless scales. You see, my husband isn’t a big fan of this 80s rock star (sorry Pat), but he knew I really wanted to see her in concert. . . probably because we saw a big billboard along the road… Continue reading »

water slide

Backyard Water Slide is “Young” Family Fun

I’ve heard that children keep you young. . . and now I have proof. Yesterday was, as my son calls it, “slippy slide” day, and there was no way forty-something Mom and fifty-something Dad were going to miss out on the fun. This particular slide was a preschool graduation gift from Mimi last month and the weather this week finally called for a bit of heat-beating fun. Of course my backyard water sliding novice of a husband tried to install our little toy according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which left the ride as flat as the spot he picked in… Continue reading »

breadmaker bread

Jumping on the Breadmaker Bandwagon: Better (30 Years) Late, Than Never

I have this friend. She makes bread. She makes a lot of bread. She is absolutely the only person I have ever met that has used one of those chunky space-hogging bread machines more than twice. In fact, she recently started making hamburger buns and English muffins with her big ol’ bread making device and has been raving about how healthy (minus the preservatives and additives of store-bought loaves) and delicious everything tastes. So I started rethinking my view on bread machines. I never realized I could make anything other than a square-ish lump of bread with one of these contraptions. Oh no, I could make dinner… Continue reading »


“Nothing is Wasted” — Finding the Good in the Bad

I recently added a new book to my reading list, courtesy of Beacon Hill Press. While it wasn’t the type of book I would normally choose for myself, I did enjoy and relate to the message of hope in redemption found in Joseph Bentz’s Nothing is Wasted:  How God Redeems What is Broken. The author weaves together historical accounts from the Bible with modern events to create an entire book devoted to the ultimate song of redemption embedded in what may seem like the worst of circumstances. Bentz shows that something can be salvaged from our personal suffering and although it may… Continue reading »

Rocking My Mama-Made World

Today I dropped off my son for his last day of preschool (and I thought the first day was tough). A quick hug, watering eyes, speedy exit and several tissues later, I finally admitted my comfortable little mama-made world was about to be rocked. As much as I want to dig my heels into this season of life, only summer separates my son from school; which means the last five glorious, fun-filled, stay-at-home-mom years will quickly become a thing of the past. I made it through Kindergarten Roundup (though I declared it “the beginning of the end”), I made it through the paperwork, and I even… Continue reading »



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